EuroMillions Results for Friday 1st August 2014

The first EuroMillions draw of August gave players the chance to win a brand new jackpot worth £11.9 million (€15 million), but none of the tickets entered for the game succeeded in matching the seven numbers drawn, and so the top prize rolled over to the next game. On a brighter note, more than 1.83 million consolation prizes were landed by players matching fewer numbers, so participants who haven't yet checked their tickets may want to do so without further delay. The EuroMillions results for Friday 1st August, 2014, were as follows...

EuroMillions Results for Friday 1st August 2014

EuroMillions Plus: (05) (17) (21) (31) (32)

Joker: 1 656 143

The biggest EuroMillions consolation prizes were won at the second tier, where six tickets matched all five of the main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars to win £163,443 (€226,316) each. There were 14 tickets that matched five main numbers only to land a prize of £23,349 (€32,330) each, and 41 tickets won their owners £3,986 (€5,519) each by matching four main numbers and both Lucky Stars. All other winning tickets landed smaller prizes by matching fewer numbers, and you can view the full payout schedule by visiting the EuroMillions Results page at The next EuroMillions game this Tuesday 5th August will now offer a rollover jackpot worth around £17 million (€21 million).

As always, EuroMillions Plus fans were playing for a top prize of €500,000 last night, and we are delighted to report that one ticket matched all five of the numbers drawn to win that sum. Another 46 tickets won a second tier consolation prize of €2,000 each by matching four numbers, and 2,044 tickets matched three numbers to win €20 each. Players will now be keen to see if they can repeat the success of the top prize winner in the next EuroMillions Plus game on Tuesday.

The results of the EuroJackpot game last night were 05, 18, 33, 38 and 47, with the numbers 03 and 06 appearing as the Euro numbers. The top prize for anyone who could match all seven of those numbers was worth €22 million, but no player managed to do that. Five tickets won their owners €98,160 each by matching the five main numbers and one of the Euro numbers, whilst six other tickets matched five main numbers only to win €21,268 each. More than 517,000 tickets won prizes at the lower levels, and the next game will offer a jackpot with an advertised value of €26 million.

Written by Lottie McDonald

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