EuroMillions Results for Friday 17th October

This is what EuroMillions fans have been waiting for since Tuesday - the EuroMillions results for Friday night’s draw, with its jackpot of £130.1 million (€164 million) up for grabs. Hopeful ticket holders across the UK and Europe have been dreaming up ways to spend the money all week as they wish for their numbers to come up tonight. Four rollovers, the first of which was a planned Superdraw, have teased players for a fortnight as they snapped up tickets in droves.

EuroMillions Results for Friday 17th October

An astounding four players won £551,772 (€764,204) each when they matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star, while an additional 17 lucky participants snatched up £43,276 (€59,937) each for matching all five main numbers. In the third winning tier of the night, 90 ticket holders matched four main numbers and two Lucky Stars to win £4,087 (€5,660) - more than enough to cover any upcoming Christmas costs!

Another 1,752 players matched four main numbers and one Lucky Star to win £183.70 (€254.40) and 3,796 ticket holders bagged £84.70 (€117.40) for matching four main numbers. The remaining players won amounts worth between £3.10 (€4.30) for matching two main numbers and £57.30 (€79.30) for matching three main numbers and both Lucky Stars.

In addition to the main draw, one UK player can now call themselves the rightful owner of a cool £1 million due to matching the winning code in the supplementary Millionaire Raffle, which will soon be renamed Millionaire Maker. For a full breakdown of tonight’s EuroMillions action, visit the Results page at

The EuroMillions jackpot for Tuesday 21st October will be worth a life-altering £143 million (€180 million). The jackpot cap of €190 million is visible on the horizon - if anyone can stop it in its tracks, they need to make sure that they pick up their tickets before sales close at 7.30pm BST (8.30pm CEST) on Tuesday. Good luck!

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