EuroMillions Results for Friday 14th March 2014

Three consecutive EuroMillions jackpot rollovers – one of them occurring in a Superdraw game – helped the top prize last night to reach a final value of £107,932,603 (€129,384,564). It wouldn’t have been too much of a surprise to see the jackpot roll over for a fourth time, but that didn’t happen. Instead, one ticket that had been purchased in the United Kingdom matched all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to win the jackpot outright. The EuroMillions results for Friday 14th March, 2014, were as follows…

EuroMillions Results for Friday 14th March 2014

EuroMillions Plus: (04) (05) (12) (27) (46)

Joker: 4 986 324

The jackpot landed last night was the fourth biggest in UK lottery history. It also happened to be the first EuroMillions jackpot win of the year for the nation, so well done to the lucky player concerned. Seven tickets matched all five of the main numbers plus one Lucky Star number to win a second tier consolation prize worth £251,609 (€367,715) each, and another 17 tickets won £34,534 (€50,470) each by matching the five main numbers only. More than 4.42 million prizes were landed in total, and you can view the complete breakdown of those by visiting the EuroMillions Results page at

EuroMillions Plus enthusiasts in Ireland haven’t had much success with landing the biggest prize of €500,000 in recent weeks, and they didn’t fare any better in last night’s game, with no ticket matching all five of the numbers that were drawn. A higher than usual level of participation in the draw (no doubt inspired by the massive jackpot that was up for grabs in the main EuroMillions game) led to a higher than usual number of consolation prize winners. There were 70 tickets that matched four numbers to win €2,000 each, whilst 3,502 tickets won €20 each.

The EuroJackpot game wasn't as forthcoming with its top prize as its EuroMillions cousin, so the €34 million jackpot rolled over to the next game, where it will be worth around €40 million. The EuroJackpot results last night were 06, 07, 09, 13 and 30, and the Euro numbers were 04 and 07. There were no second tier prize winners, but six tickets matched all five main numbers to win €28,020 each, and over 743,000 tickets won smaller prizes at the lower levels.

Lottery players can now look forward to pursuing the jackpots that are up for grabs in the games taking place this evening. Good luck to those of you who intend to play for big money, and be sure to drop by tomorrow morning for our usual analysis of the Saturday night lottery results.

Written by Lottie McDonald

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