EuroMillions Results for Friday 13th June 2014

EuroMillions players across Europe competed for the chance to win an incredible £109 million (€135 million) jackpot in the latest draw, and the results proved that Friday the 13th isn’t so unlucky after all. For the first time in 11 draws, one ticket holder successfully matched all seven numbers drawn to scoop the top prize. All that is known at this early stage is that the lucky ticket holder purchased their ticket in Spain and, by doing so, has secured the sixth Spanish top prize win so far this year. 

EuroMillions Results for Friday 13th June 2014

In addition to the lucky jackpot winner, there were over 4.4 million ticket holders who also won a prize. The lucky winners included 4 ticket holders who matched all five main numbers and one Lucky Star to each win €700,752 and 11 players who won £60,654 (€84,939) each by matching all five main numbers. 

The remaining winning ticket holders in the main draw took home prizes worth between £2.80 (£3.90) for matching just two main numbers up to £3,748 (€5,249) for matching four main numbers and both Lucky Stars. One UK ticket holder also won the UK Millionaire Raffle £1 million prize by correctly matching the code MKX532718 while the French My Million draw awarded the €1 million prize to the ticket holder who matched the code EK3268273. 

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Following tonight’s impressive jackpot win, the EuroMillions jackpot resets to £12 million (€15 million) for Tuesday’s draw.

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