EuroMillions Results for Friday 10th October

Lottery fans have been breathlessly waiting for tonight’s EuroMillions results, as there was a nine-figure jackpot up for grabs. As the previous two draws resulted in rollovers, the EuroMillions jackpot rose to an estimated £101.8 million (€129.4 million), which has sparked a veritable rush for tickets as punters throughout the continent desperately hope to become the next top prize winner.

EuroMillions Results for Friday 10th October

While no one snagged the jackpot, there were seven players who grabbed £271,449 (€371,747) for matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star while an additional 11 ticket holders have just won £57,580 (€78,855) for matching five main numbers. A whopping 67 participants matched four main numbers and both Lucky Stars to net £4,726 (€6,473) each and 1,345 players matched four main numbers and one Lucky Star to win £206 (€282.10).

The remaining players won amounts worth between £3.30 (€4.50) for matching two main numbers and £99 (€135.60) for matching four main numbers. One UK player picked up £1 million in the Millionaire Raffle, soon to be renamed Millionaire Maker, when the code on their ticket matched the winning code of CWJ405938. For a full breakdown of the results, visit the dedicated Results page at

The EuroMillions jackpot for Tuesday 14th October will be worth an estimated £111 (€142 million). Ticket sales will reopen shortly, so make sure to pick up your own as soon as possible in order to avoid massive queues at supermarkets and corner shops next week. Good luck!

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