EuroMillions or Eurojackpot: Which Game Should You Play

The top prizes in EuroMillions and Eurojackpot will add up to a combined total of almost €200 million on Friday night, giving players in 26 countries the chance to win some fabulous sums of money. Find out the beat reasons for taking part in both games:

EuroMillions or Eurojackpot: Which Game Should You Play


EuroMillions was launched in 2004 and is played in nine nations across Europe. The game offers 13 ways to win and the overall odds of landing a prize are 1 in 13. The jackpot regularly reaches nine figures and is currently worth a phenomenal £94 million (€108 million) after a run of nine rollovers. The last time it was won was on Friday 29th December, when a family syndicate from Ireland scooped €38.9 million (£34.5 million).

The jackpot will roll over if it is not won tonight and can grow as high as €190 million. It has reached this level on three occasions, most recently on Friday 6th October 2017 when a single Spanish participant from Gran Canaria won the full amount. Learn more about EuroMillions at the dedicated page, including details of some of the additional draws you can play in different participating countries.


Eurojackpot has a jackpot cap of €90 million and the top prize has now hit its maximum amount after a rollover last week. While this does leave the jackpot slightly lower than EuroMillions, the odds of winning the top prize are better at 1 in 95,344,200 compared with 1 in 139,838,160.

The advantage of playing Eurojackpot when the game has reached its jackpot cap is that there is also a huge prize up for grabs in the second tier. As the money raised from ticket sales cannot go towards the jackpot once there is €90 million in the prize fund, it is funnelled into the pot for players who match all five main numbers plus one Euro number. The prize fund for the second tier stands at an estimated €15 million for tonight, making it possible to win multimillion-Euro awards without even matching the full line.

Whereas EuroMillions is played twice a week, on Tuesdays as well as Fridays, Eurojackpot draws are only held on a Friday. However, there are now twice as many participating countries after Poland joined the game last October to become the 18th member. Spain is the only country which sells both EuroMillions and Eurojackpot tickets.

Which to play?

There are lots of positives to both games. EuroMillions offers the bigger jackpot and there is scope for it to grow even higher, but the fact that the top prize in Eurojackpot has hit its cap opens up a rare opportunity to win big without even matching all the numbers. If you can’t decide between the two, you could opt to give both games a go by choosing numbers online. Good luck!

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