EuroMillions Offers World’s Biggest Jackpot

EuroMillions is officially offering the world’s biggest jackpot after Friday’s draw saw the top prize roll over to £143 million (€163 million). This news will be music to the ears of fans of the pan-European lottery who will be determined to secure a life-changing amount of money in Tuesday’s draw.

EuroMillions Offers World’s Biggest Jackpot

In the beginning

The ongoing jackpot saga began on Friday 15th September, when lottery officials opted to implement the game’s 19th Superdraw, a special event that saw the jackpot leap to a guaranteed €130 million (£114.5 million). The prize went unclaimed that night, and has since rolled over three times to become the seventh largest award in EuroMillions history.

This latest rollover helped the game’s jackpot smash through the £140 million barrier for the first time since Friday 7th October 2016. On that occasion, the prize rolled for a further draw before being claimed by a single ticket holder from the Schaerbeek region of Brussels in Belgium who claimed to enjoy the films of Robert De Niro and cooking with fish. Since then, the game’s top prize has twice ventured beyond the £100 million mark, a figure which includes the current sum.

The world’s biggest jackpot

The EuroMillions jackpot is now so large that it even dwarfs the sums being played for in the US. Offering a jackpot of $66 million (€55.4 million), Powerball is currently the country’s biggest prize, with Mega Millions some way behind on $15 million (€12.6 million); this is due to a ticket holder from New York winning a jackpot of $114 million on Friday 22nd September. In fact, even if the jackpots of both of these lottery giants were combined, they still wouldn’t come close to touching that of EuroMillions.

The jackpot is also the largest in Europe, and by some distance too. SuperEnalotto, world-famous for its mammoth rollover runs, is presenting players with the chance to claim €38.2 million this Tuesday, while Eurojackpot, a lottery game established in 2012 to rival the rise of EuroMillions, can boast a top prize of just €15 million ahead of Friday’s draw. To put things into perspective, if you were to win the jackpots of Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperEnalotto and Eurojackpot, you still wouldn't have as much money as you would if you won EuroMillions.   

So how can I win the EuroMillions jackpot?

There is no doubting that this Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw will be one of the most eagerly anticipated in recent memory, so if you would like to join the action and potentially land yourself a jaw-dropping £143 million jackpot, you’ll need to pick your numbers online or play through an authorised retailer in any one of the nine participating countries. Good luck! 

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