EuroMillions Offers Biggest Jackpot in Over a Year

This Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot is worth a staggering €162 million (£113 million), the largest prize on offer since the draw on Friday 24th October 2014, when a Portuguese ticket holder snapped up €190 million (£149.7 million at the time). There has not been a jackpot winner in the past ten draws and the top prize has now rolled four times since the EuroMillions Superdraw on Friday 6th November offered a guaranteed sum of €100 million (£71.3 million).

EuroMillions Offers Biggest Jackpot in Over a Year

EuroMillions tickets are in high demand as players in each of the nine participating countries, and those from further afield who play through lottery concierge services, while away the hours until Friday evening’s draw, plotting what they will do with that life-changing sum if they win it.

Ahead of the money-spinning event, the UK National Lottery has compiled a list of the interesting and bizarre purchases made by newly-minted millionaires, which could give you some inspiration on how to splash the cash. Wayne and Desiree Homes of Kent had been through years of ill health and financial woes when they scooped £1 million on EuroMillions Millionaire Maker (Millionaire Raffle as it was known at the time) in 2014. Although they went on to own a luxurious boat befitting of their new status, one of the first things they bought, at Mrs. Homes’ insistence, was a soft-close toilet seat to replace the faulty one in their mobile home!

Herefordshire hairdresser Susan Herdman pocketed £1.2 million on Lotto in January 2010 and was able to indulge her hobby of Autograss racing, a form of car racing on oval soil tracks, eventually becoming a world champion. When John Walsh of Merseyside shared a £45.5 million EuroMillions win with six workmates in 2009, instead of moving to an exclusive neighbourhood, he bought the house next door and converted the downstairs into his own pub!

With £113 million in the bank, you could afford to live your dreams in an even more extravagant manner, whilst still ensuring that you provide for generations to come. If you are feeling lucky, EuroMillions tickets are available now online and from authorised retailers. Good luck!

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