EuroMillions Jackpot Now Stands at £95 Million

The EuroMillions jackpot has risen to £95 million (€118 million) as there were no jackpot winners in Friday’s draw. The jackpot is now the third largest seen so far this year and is the culmination of ten consecutive draws without a top tier winner.

EuroMillions Jackpot Now Stands at £95 Million

Despite the absence of a jackpot winner, there were still over four million players who did win a prize. The largest winners in the main draw were four ticket holders, including one from the UK, who each won £476,502 (€672,399) by correctly matching all five main numbers and one Lucky Star. The full prize breakdown from Friday’s draw can be found on

With the EuroMillions jackpot remaining elusive on Friday night, attention was firmly focused on Saturday’s UK Lotto draw to see if any players could strike it lucky and win that jackpot prize. Unusually, six Lotto ticket holders did just that when they all matched the six main numbers drawn to share the £4.7 million jackpot.

In other world lottery news, a ticket holder from Western Canada secured the Lotto 6/49 jackpot prize worth CAD$5 million by matching all six main numbers drawn. On the other side of the world, two players emerged victorious in the New Zealand Powerball draw when they matched all six main numbers plus the Powerball number drawn to share the NZD$25.9 million jackpot prize.

Saturday’s US Powerball results revealed no top tier winners so the jackpot has increased to US$257 million to make it the second largest jackpot offered by this multi-state lottery so far this year. Other lottery draws which now have rollover jackpots up for grabs include Italy’s SuperEnalotto game which offers an €8.8 million jackpot, the Ohio Classic Lotto which boasts an US$72.8 million jackpot and the South Africa Lotto which, after six draws without a top tier winner, gives players the chance to win a R22 million jackpot.

With a high number of rollover jackpots at stake, this week is set to be an exciting one for lottery players. Whichever jackpots catch your eye, make sure you buy your lottery tickets in plenty of time and don’t forget to check your numbers to see if you’ve matched a winning combination.

Written by Grace Mee

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