EuroMillions Jackpot Hits €190 Million Cap

Excitement is building amongst EuroMillions players after the pan-European game’s top prize reached its jackpot cap of €190 million. But what exactly is a jackpot cap and why has it been activated?

EuroMillions Jackpot Hits €190 Million Cap

What is a Jackpot Cap?

EuroMillions is one of a number of lotteries around the world to feature a jackpot cap, a feature that limits the size of the game's top prize. EuroMillions originally included a rollover limit, which ruled the top prize must be won if the jackpot rolled over 11 times. This was scrapped in 2009 in favour of a jackpot cap of €185 million, which grew to €190 million two years later.

Why is the Jackpot so High?

The EuroMillions jackpot has been on the rise ever since a Superdraw on Friday 15th September saw the jackpot bumped up to a guaranteed €130 million (£144.5 million). Since then, there have been a total of five rollovers, including in Friday’s draw which saw ticket holders unable to match the seven numbers required to win a reward of €178.9 million (£157.8 million). Throw in an increase in participation as the jackpot clocks up and it’s clear to see why the prize pot is close to overflowing.

Has the Jackpot Cap Been Activated Before?

The €190 million jackpot cap has been activated on two previous occasions and came as a result of Chris and Colin Weir winning €185 million (£161.6 million) in July 2011. The Ayrshire couple’s victory caused the jackpot cap to increase by €5 million, as were the rules at the time. EuroMillions enthusiasts didn’t have to wait long before the new cap came into effect, as Adrian and Gillian Bayford of the UK walked away with the maximum reward on offer in August 2012.

Just over two years later and the jackpot cap was activated once more, and a Portuguese player matched all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to pocket the game’s premium prize. Despite becoming part of EuroMillions folklore, the Castelo Branco resident opted to remain anonymous.

What Happens if the Jackpot isn’t Won?

Despite the best efforts of EuroMillions players, there is now a real possibility that the game’s top prize could continue to roll. Should this happen, the jackpot sum will remain the same and any excess funds will roll down to the next prize tier with winners, meaning that players who match five main numbers and one Lucky Star could receive a much bigger payout in the coming draws.

The jackpot can remain at €190 million for four draws. Should the fourth draw fail to produce a victor, the money will roll down and be shared amongst players in the next highest prize tier, which would be music to the ears of those in the Match 5+1 tier.

How Can I Win the EuroMillions Jackpot?

If you would like the chance to end this recent run of rollovers, all you need to do is pick up a ticket from an authorised retailer in any of the nine participating countries. Alternatively, you can take part from anywhere in the world by choosing your numbers online. Best of luck!

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