EuroMillions Jackpot Hits £19 Million (€25 Million) for Friday 16th January

EuroMillions players have a £19 million (€25 million) jackpot to play for tonight when the winning numbers are drawn in Paris. No top-tier winner could be found on Tuesday night, although four players banked a very healthy £193,047 (€263,770) for matching five main numbers and a Lucky Star, and a UK player won £1 million courtesy of the supplementary Millionaire Maker game.

EuroMillions Jackpot Hits £19 Million (€25 Million) for Friday 16th January

In the additional My Million game in France, five ticket holders, rather than the usual one, were rewarded with €1 million - an event which will be repeated for tonight’s draw. For a full breakdown from Tuesday night’s EuroMillions draw and the winning line, including the victorious Millionaire Maker code, check the EuroMillions Results page of

With a fortnight gone since the expensive festive period fizzled out and still a fortnight to go until payday for many, EuroMillions tickets could prove a welcome investment if you match five main numbers and both Lucky Stars tonight. There is also the £1 million Millionaire Maker prize to aim for in the UK, as well as a selection of great cash amounts in the other prize tiers that could mean the next two weeks are filled with caviar and champagne, rather than beans on toast and tap water.

EuroMillions tickets are on sale now online or from authorised retailers across the countries which participate in this big money pan-European game. Good luck!

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