EuroMillions Jackpot for August 26th is Worth £17 Million

Friday night’s EuroMillions draw ended in a rollover when no player was able to match all seven numbers drawn. After the heady excitement of the draw on Tuesday 19th August, where a single Austrian ticket holder bagged the £43.5 million (€54.3 million) top prize, the EuroMillions jackpot reset to the minimum amount for Friday 22nd August. No one walked away with the £12 million (€15 million) prize on Friday but over 2 million participants still picked up some tidy sums of cash.

EuroMillions Jackpot for August 26th is Worth £17 Million

There were five ticket holders who won £192,324 (€268,532) each when they matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star while an additional 12 participants landed £26,711 (€37,296) each for matching the five main numbers drawn. Another 30 players picked up £5,342 (€7,459) each for matching four main numbers and two Lucky Stars while 928 ticket holders nabbed a cool £151.10 (€210.90) each for matching four main numbers and one Lucky Star. The remaining players won amounts worth between £3.00 (€4.20) for matching two main numbers and £76 (€106.10) for matching four main numbers.

A full breakdown of Friday’s EuroMillions results can be found on the Results Page at

Countless EuroMillions players across the continent will be crossing their fingers and fervently hoping that they can beat the odds and snap up tonight’s top prize. A £17 million (€21 million) jackpot is an incredible amount of money that would completely change their lives. However, other participants may be hoping for tonight’s EuroMillions draw to result in yet another rollover so that the top prize increases in value and adds some excitement to the mix.

If you’re feeling a bit down about coming back into work after a long weekend, then why not cheer yourself up by getting in on all the EuroMillions fun? Tickets for the draw are on sale until 7:30 PM tonight.

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