EuroMillions Gives Away €34.6 Billion in First 1,000 Draws

Statistics have been released that show the extent of EuroMillions’ success over the past 13 years, after the 1,000th draw in the game’s history was held on Friday. There was no winner in the landmark draw as the £30.1 million (€36 million) jackpot rolled over, but the number of lives that EuroMillions has changed continued to grow on another memorable night across the continent.

EuroMillions Gives Away €34.6 Billion in First 1,000 Draws

The stats, published by, highlight that €34.6 billion in prize money has been won since the first draw was held in February 2004. In the UK alone, there have been 481 million winning tickets, sharing a colossal €6.99 billion.

France has proved to be the most successful of the nine participating countries, having produced a staggering 490.9 million winning lines in total, as well as the most jackpot winners with 85 out of 365. Spain comes next in the list of EuroMillions jackpot winners with 82, ahead of the UK on 65.

A survey of EuroMillions players has also shown that 59.3% of players leave their number selection to chance, rather than using lucky or regular numbers (36%) or studying statistics (4%). Seven out of ten participants would keep their identity private if they won a big prize, while only 23% said they would they would quit work.

The last time the jackpot was won was on Tuesday 11th April, when a player from France snared €83.3 million. The top prize is now back up to £37 million (€45 million) ahead of Tuesday night’s game, giving players another chance to strike it lucky.

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