EuroMillions Fans Eagerly Await Friday’s Superdraw

EuroMillions fans across the continent are eagerly awaiting Friday’s Superdraw, when a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million (estimated £85 million) will be up for grabs. But while many lottery lovers will be more than familiar with the concept of this Friday’s exciting event, a number of players must be wondering what all the commotion is about.

EuroMillions Fans Eagerly Await Friday’s Superdraw

What is a Superdraw?

A Superdraw is a special EuroMillions draw which can take place at random times throughout the year and occurs when there is enough money available in the EuroMillions Booster Fund. This is a reserve pot which receives 4.8 percent of the Common Prize Fund in every draw. The Booster Fund is responsible for making sure that there are enough funds available to guarantee a minimum jackpot of €17 million in every EuroMillions draw. From time to time, this pot will swell and contain enough money to allow lottery officials to significantly increase the jackpot ahead of a given date, thus creating a Superdraw.

Superdraws - A brief history

Superdraws were first introduced in 2007, with the first event of its kind offering a €100 million top prize on Friday 9th February. The jackpot was won at the first time of asking by a Belgian ticket holder who opted to remain anonymous. Since that day, there have been 17 further Superdraws, each offering a top prize of €100 million, with the exception of an event on Friday 30th September 2016 which saw players given the opportunity to win €130 million as a celebration of the introduction of new rules to the game. This prize was not won on the night, but instead rolled to €168 million before being won by another nameless Belgian.

Does the Jackpot need to be won this Friday?

Despite Superdraws being special events and only occurring every now and again, the jackpot does not need to be won this Friday, and can instead roll to the next draw. However, once the prize reaches the jackpot cap of €190 million, it will be allowed to remain at that figure for a further four draws before it must be won. Should the jackpot remain untouched after the fourth draw, the game’s premium prize will roll down and be claimed by the players in the next highest winning prize tier.

Entering the Superdraw

There is no doubting that a windfall of €100 million would prove life-changing for any player and EuroMillions enthusiasts do love taking part in a Superdraw. With this in mind, expect lottery terminals across Europe to be heaving ahead of Friday’s event, so players are advised to purchase their tickets in good time to avoid disappointment. Alternatively, players hoping to avoid the inevitable rush can pick their numbers online from the comfort of their own home. Best of luck!    

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