EuroMillions Draw To Guarantee 13 UK Millionaires

A date synonymous with bad luck will turn out to be very fortunate for some EuroMillions players, with 13 ticket holders in the UK guaranteed to win £1 million each in a special edition of the Millionaire Maker on Friday 13th October.

EuroMillions Draw To Guarantee 13 UK Millionaires

Millionaire Maker

The Millionaire Maker is a supplementary game run by the UK National Lottery for EuroMillions players in the country. Everyone who buys a EuroMillions ticket is automatically entered into the draw, and a random code consisting of four letters and five digits is generated at the point of purchase.

In regular draws, two winning codes are randomly selected, ensuring that two UK participants will become millionaires. Special draws are held occasionally to create even more winners, sometimes offering other non-cash prizes such as luxury holidays. The latest special draw will work in the same way as normal, except there will be 13 winning codes.

Lucky Day

The odds of winning a Millionaire Maker prize are dependent on how many players buy EuroMillions tickets and as such will vary from draw to draw. However, it is estimated that around 6 million UK participants enter Friday draws when the jackpot is around its current level (£27 million). As there are a guaranteed 13 winners rather than two, the chances of becoming a millionaire are six and a half times better than usual.

Friday’s promotion follows hot on the heels of last week’s colossal jackpot win. The top prize had reached a record-equalling €190 million (£170.8 million) following a Superdraw on Friday 15th September and five further rollovers, but one Spanish player from Las Palmas in Gran Canaria finally won the lot.

It could well be that the jackpot gets snapped up again, and players across Europe can give themselves a chance of winning by visiting authorised retailers or choosing numbers online. Even if the top prize rolls over, 13 lucky UK players will be able to celebrate becoming millionaires. Good luck!

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