EuroMillions Double Rollover Delight

The EuroMillions game is just hours away from treating lottery players across Europe to the exciting prospect of winning a double rollover jackpot worth €31 / £25 million. Friday’s game gave fans the first back-to-back rollover since the end of January, which saw the sequence of no-win scenarios extend to six draws before one player brought down a top prize worth €72 / £59 million. Now the world is watching to see if tonight’s EuroMillions jackpot will be landed in a similarly convincing manner.

EuroMillions Double Rollover Delight

As always, our friends at have some very interesting EuroMillions Statistics to share as we head towards the first draw of the week. For example, we can tell you that the most often picked main numbers at the time of writing are 50, 04, 19, 11 and 44, and the most often picked Lucky Stars are 05 and 03. The most overdue main numbers right now are 09, 14, 40, 07 and 43, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 03 and 11. None of those numbers have any greater chance of being selected than any others, but it will be good to see if any of them help someone to win big this evening.

There are only two possible outcomes as far as tonight’s EuroMillions jackpot is concerned – it will either be won or it will roll over to the final game of the month. If it is won then the interesting question will be which country will hold the successful ticket; so far this year Spain and France are the only nations to have matched all seven numbers. If the jackpot rolls again then lottery fans will be able to end the month by playing for even more money.

Whilst the EuroMillions double rollover jackpot will be dominating the minds of Europeans this evening, the SuperEnalotto game will also attract plenty of attention in Italy with a jackpot of €3.3 million. Meanwhile, over in the USA, the Mega Millions jackpot will be worth $195 million, which means it will crash through the $200 million mark if it isn’t landed tonight. Watch this space and we’ll bring you the latest results as they happen!

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