EuroMillions Dominates Lottery Headlines

We mentioned yesterday that the Tuesday EuroMillions game this week would be offering a multi-rollover jackpot worth around €127 / £105 million, and that fact is dominating lottery headlines around the world today. Whilst we are just as excited about EuroMillions as anyone else, we would like to take this opportunity to remind people that there are other lottery games scheduled to be played this evening, and a couple of them are offering eight-figure jackpots that would be well worth winning.

EuroMillions Dominates Lottery Headlines

The biggest jackpot on offer this evening (apart from the obvious one in the EuroMillions lottery) is in the SuperEnalotto game in Italy. The jackpot in this game has been rolling for weeks, and it wouldn’t be any great surprise to see it roll again this evening. The good news is that, if tonight’s €23.3 million jackpot isn’t landed by a player who is able to match all six main numbers drawn, there will still be four tiers of consolation prizes on hand to reward players who get at least part way there.

The other big jackpot that is available to be won tonight is in the Mega Millions multi-state lottery game in the USA. The jackpot will be worth a guaranteed $15 million, and a second-tier prize of $1 million can give players a life-changing result even if the top prize rolls over to the next game. The overall odds of winning any prize at all in this game with a single entry are around 1 in 15.

Whatever happens in the EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto and Mega Millions games this evening, there will be plenty more chances to win big in the other lottery games coming up later in the week. Of course, if a player is fortunate enough to see their numbers come up tonight, the rest of the week might well turn into one long celebratory blur. Good luck to those of you who will be playing in any of the games mentioned this evening and don’t forget to visit us again tomorrow for news of the results!

Written by Lottie McDonald

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