Eurojackpot Win Sets New Finland Lottery Record

A new record has been set for the biggest lottery win in Finland after one player from Tampere matched all the winning numbers in Friday’s Eurojackpot draw to net €86.9 million. It was the largest prize available on any lottery in the world over the weekend, and one of the highest in the five-year history of the game.

Eurojackpot Win Sets New Finland Lottery Record

The lucky participant bought a quick-pick ticket and successfully matched the numbers 6, 22, 33, 46 and 49, as well as the Euro numbers 1 and 5. No Finnish player had previously won more than the €61.1 million pocketed by a Eurojackpot participant back in September 2014.

As well as the jackpot winner, there were three players - one each from Germany, Finland and Denmark - who matched five main numbers and one Euro number to snag €821,662 each. There were also ten ticket holders who won €86,999 each, while over 1 million other awards were given away.

There have only been three occasions on which a bigger top prize has been given away on Eurojackpot, when the jackpot has reached its cap of €90 million. The jackpot will now reset to €10 million for the next draw on Friday night, giving players from across the 17 participating countries another chance to win big.

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