Eurojackpot Tickets Set to Go on Sale in Poland

After months of waiting, this weekend will finally see Poland welcomed into the Eurojackpot family. Tickets for the continental lottery game will go on sale this Saturday, with players in the eastern European nation taking part in their first ever draw on Friday 15th September.

Eurojackpot Tickets Set to Go on Sale in Poland

Poland will become the 18th country to participate in Eurojackpot draws, a decision that was first announced back in June at the ninth European Lotteries Congress in Krakow. It is hoped that Poland’s arrival, which was part of the congress’ ‘new directions’ initiative, will help to increase the lottery’s popularity throughout Europe and raise the game’s prize pool at a much quicker rate. Should this latest inclusion have the desired effect, players could see the €90 million (equivalent to 400zl) jackpot cap being hit on a more regular basis.

Eurojackpot, which crowned its 100th millionaire in August, was first unveiled in March 2012 as an alternative to the increasingly popular EuroMillions. The lottery was initially played in Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway Slovenia and Sweden, with Spain joining later in the year. Czech Republic and Hungary joined in 2014, while Slovakia was welcomed into the fold in 2015.

Poland’s addition is being heralded as a positive for Eurojackpot, as the weekly lottery draw continues to grow in stature. Andreas Kotter, chairman of the Eurojackpot community, spoke of his delight ahead of Poland’s arrival and expressed his joy at seeing more and more state-run lottery companies thriving under Eurojackpot. He concluded his speech by verbally embracing Poland’s lottery representatives: “Welcome - Powitanie Polska!”

Of course, you don’t have to live in Poland to win tonight’s jackpot of €22 million. If you fancy adding this gigantic sum to your bank account, simply select your numbers online from anywhere in the world or pick up a ticket from an authorised retailer in any of the 17 participating countries. Good luck!

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