Eurojackpot Offers Top Prize Of €86 million

A run of eight rollovers has pushed Eurojackpot’s top prize up to a monumental €86 million ahead of Friday night’s draw, giving players across the continent the chance to win a life-changing amount of cash in time for Easter.

Eurojackpot Offers Top Prize Of €86 million

The jackpot was last won on 10th February, when one player from Germany and another from Hungary split €45.1 million, and has now grown to become the largest lottery prize available anywhere in the world.

It is also one of the biggest prizes ever offered on Eurojackpot, coming just short of the jackpot cap. If there is one more draw without a winner, the top prize will roll over again but will then be fixed at €90 million and any additional funds will be funnelled into the second prize tier, creating a bigger pool of money for anyone who matches five main numbers with just one Euro number.

The latest draw on Friday 7th April had six participants - one each from Germany, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Hungary and the Czech Republic - who came in the second tier to win €374,807 each, while there were over 1 million ticket holders in total who snapped up prizes.

You can find out more about Eurojackpot ahead of Friday’s draw, as players from Berlin to Reykjavik try to become the latest big winner.

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