Eurojackpot Offers Colossal Prize Opportunities

Eurojackpot players are eagerly looking forward to Friday’s draw in the knowledge that there may never have been a better time to play the game. The jackpot stands at its maximum amount of €90 million and there is also €20 million up for grabs in the second tier.

Eurojackpot Offers Colossal Prize Opportunities

The jackpot cap of €90 million was reached ahead of last week’s draw after a long run of rollovers, and will remain fixed at this value until it is won. Additional funds generated from ticket sales are instead diverted to the tier for matching five main numbers and just one of the Euro numbers, creating the opportunity for participants to win huge prizes without even landing the jackpot.

Five players split €13.2 million in the most recent draw on Friday 30th December after matching five main numbers and one Euro number, and the estimated prize pot for the second tier this week is even larger at €20 million.

The jackpot has only hit its cap of €90 million on two previous occasions, most recently in October 2016 when a German player eventually banked the lot. The lucky ticket holder was the biggest winner of a great year for Eurojackpot, with 36 millionaires created in 2016.

A final total of nearly €1 billion was paid out to 35.8 million winners over the course of the year, with 309 ticket holders landing at least €100,000. Germany emerged as the most successful participating nation with 162 of the big prizes, ahead of Finland and Denmark.

Whether Germany’s great run of big winners will continue at the start of 2017 or whether another country will get off to a flyer remains to be seen, but the gigantic prizes available in the top two tiers make it the perfect time to get involved. Eurojackpot can be played online or via authorised retailers in participating countries. 

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