Eurojackpot Offers €90 Million Jackpot for Second Draw in a Row

This Friday’s Eurojackpot draw will be worth €90 million for the second week in a row after no one matched all five main numbers and two Euro numbers when the game hit its jackpot cap on 7th October. Any extra funds from ticket sales that would have previously increased the size of the jackpot have instead been diverted to the Match 5+1 tier for this week’s draw, creating a massive €20 million pool to be shared amongst the second prize winners.

Eurojackpot Offers €90 Million Jackpot for Second Draw in a Row

Eurojackpot’s top prize will stand at €90 million until it is won, with the excess jackpot funds accumulating in the Match 5+1 prize tier until that also reaches a €90 million limit. Both a German and a Finnish player have already benefitted from this rolldown rule, picking up €4 million each last Friday for matching five main numbers and one Euro number, a match that usually pays out an average of €710,014.

A single ticket holder claiming the full top prize on Friday would become the joint-highest winner in Eurojackpot history, ranking alongside a Czech man who scooped €90 million on 15th May 2015. They would also help round off a fantastic week for big European lottery wins that saw a Belgian player bank €168 million in Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw.

There are 17 participating Eurojackpot nations, with Germany providing 14 of the 33 jackpot winners so far, the most of any country. Finland is in second place on ten, with Denmark and Slovenia in third, having celebrated two giant windfalls each. There are eight countries yet to register a Eurojackpot win, but everything could change when the numbers are drawn in Helsinki on Friday evening.

You can play Eurojackpot online or at authorised retailers in any of the 17 countries that take part. Good luck!

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