EuroJackpot Offering Record-Breaking €75 Million Top Prize

While EuroMillions certainly gets a lot of attention due to its huge jackpots and other cash prizes, there’s more than one pan-European lottery game in town, and this one is currently on track to break its own record. The top prize for EuroJackpot has been rolling over since Friday 20th February 2015 and has hit an all-time high of €75 million, spurring on ticket sales from sixteen participating countries.

EuroJackpot Offering Record-Breaking €75 Million Top Prize

If someone wins big on EuroJackpot tomorrow night, they’ll surpass a Finnish player who picked up €61.1 million in September 2014. However, if the game results in a rollover, then it’s very possible that the jackpot will hit its designated cap of €90 million. In over three years of draws, the top prize has never reached this point, and the excitement in EuroJackpot countries is palpable.

Assuming that this Friday’s game ends in a rollover, and no player can match all five main numbers and two Euro numbers to win a possible €90 million prize on Friday 8th May, then the prize money will roll down into the next winning tier. This is a very real possibility, with the likelihood of a rolldown occurring sitting around 1 in 6 million. According to Bodo Kemper, speaking to German-language site T-Online on behalf of the German Westlotto company, “in 162 EuroJackpot draws the jackpot has been won in the second tier 26 times.” This was due to the old rules of EuroJackpot, which dictated that rollovers were limited to 12 in a row, with the 13th game resulting in a rolldown if no top-tier winner were to appear. The rule has since been changed.

Whether you’re holding out hope for the jackpot cap to be hit or would be fine with scooping the lot this week, picking up a €75 million payday on Friday would far surpass the value of the current EuroMillions jackpot, which clocks in at £17 million (€24 million). With such a sum making itself comfortable in your bank account, you could travel the world, buy several new homes and generally do whatever you wanted.

EuroJackpot began in March 2012 as a EuroMillions-style lottery game that has since expanded to include players from 16 different countries, including Italy, Finland, Germany and Sweden. Draws are held on Friday nights in Helsinki and the jackpot has a minimum value of €10 million. 

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