El Gordo Navidad is Back for 2014 with €2.24 Billion Prize Pool

El Gordo Navidad is recognised as the biggest lottery in the world due to its staggering €2.24 billion prize pot. The lottery is back for 2014 and the rush for tickets in its native Spain and around the world has already begun.

El Gordo Navidad is Back for 2014 with €2.24 Billion Prize Pool

Drawn in Madrid on Monday 22nd December, towns and villages across the nation will stop everything, clutch their tickets tightly and sit down together to watch the five-hour spectacular Spanish Christmas lottery draw show, featuring a choir of children singing the winning numbers.

Players snap up tickets which cost €200, or opt to own a tenth of one for €20, and hope to share in the gigantic cash payout by matching the number printed on their entry with one of the winning codes drawn out of the two lottery machines, called ‘bombos’. Each number can be entered 195 times, meaning that there will be 195 jackpot prizes of €4 million if all of the tickets sell out as expected, some of which will be shared amongst those players who split a ticket.

As well as the jackpot there are a massive amounts of other cash prizes to be won, from a €200 refund for the 9,999 tickets with the same last digit as the First Prize, up to the Second Prize of €1.25 million.

This year a heart-wrenching advert has been shown on Spanish television to promote the lottery, featuring a man who is down on his luck discovering that he has a share in a huge El Gordo Navidad win. The commercial hopes to show how the large number of big cash prizes won on the Spanish Christmas lottery affects players’ lives in a positive way.

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