Easter Ambition of Lottery Players

Lottery players around the world are more interested in cracking a jackpot than chocolate eggs as they approach the Easter holidays, and some are actually giving lottery tickets to friends and family members as festive gifts. That might sound like a rather strange idea, but there is a surprising amount to be said for it. After all, lottery tickets contain no calories, they don't melt and they have the potential to change someone's life forever. Even better, any jackpot landed by a lucky ticket would enable its owner to buy as many chocolate eggs as they can handle.

Easter Ambition of Lottery Players

For those who intend to buy a lottery ticket for themselves or someone else today, there are three big jackpot games to consider. The first, as we mentioned yesterday, is the EuroMillions game, which will offer a triple rollover jackpot with an estimated value of £33 million (€39 million). Players in some countries will also get automatic inclusion into an associated game when they buy a EuroMillions ticket – in the UK, for example, one player is guaranteed to win £1 million this evening in the Millionaire Raffle game regardless of what happens with the EuroMillions jackpot.

The next big game to have a look at is Mega Millions in the USA. The jackpot there will be worth around $28 million, and whilst that isn't the biggest jackpot that the game has ever offered (not by a long way) it is still more than enough to give any lucky winner the life of their dreams. Winning the Mega Millions jackpot is never easy, but players can also win themselves millionaire status by simply matching the five main numbers without the Mega ball number, so landing the jackpot isn't essential if 'all' a player wants is an extra $1 million in the bank. Further details about the Mega Millions game can be found at Lottery.net.

Our third featured game for tonight is SuperEnalotto, which is currently advertising a jackpot worth €13.5 million. The jackpot in this game rolls over far more often than not, but that is one of the things that makes it so appealing to players – achieving the feat of beating the odds and matching all six main numbers is almost as rewarding as the cash that is won by doing so. As always, there will be plenty of consolation prizes on hand for those who come close without qualifying for the proverbial cigar.

So there they are – three golden opportunities for lottery players to try and realise their Easter ambitions this evening. Good luck to everyone who participates in any of the games mentioned here, and be sure to let us know if you manage to win yourself a jackpot!

Written by Lottie McDonald

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