East Lothian Thunderball Player Scoops £500,000 Jackpot

A UK Thunderball player from East Lothian is celebrating a remarkable win after landing a jackpot prize of £500,000. The winner, known only as Mr. M, secured his fortune after playing the popular lottery game online.

East Lothian Thunderball Player Scoops £500,000 Jackpot

The lucky lottery fan landed the prize in the draw on Wednesday 27th September. The UK National Lottery’s Senior Winners’ Advisor, Andy Carter, was on hand to welcome the mystery man into the jackpot winners’ club: “Huge congratulations to Mr. M for winning this fantastic prize without even touching a ticket,” he exclaimed to reporters.

Carter was also keen to point out the advantages of playing the game online: "After a few simple clicks he has banked a life-changing prize. With many people leading busy lives, playing online is becoming increasingly popular. It means you can make sure your lucky numbers are always in the draw and your ticket is always checked.”

Why Play Thunderball?

Ever since its launch in June 1999, Thunderball has been delighting players with its sizeable six-figure sums and favourable odds of winning. The game underwent a number of changes in May 2010, alterations which saw the jackpot double from £250,000 to an impressive £500,000, and an additional prize tier added, allowing players who matched the Thunderball alone to win a guaranteed prize of £3.

There has been plenty of success in the game of late, too, with a total of six players winning the jackpot since the beginning of August. Combine this with  the thousands of winners in every draw and it is clear to see why Thunderball has established itself as a favourite amongst UK lottery lovers. 

Carter’s Calling

Mr. M wasn’t the only big winner receiving a visit from Andy Carter this week. A Dorset resident, referred to by officials as Mr. T, landed a £1 million fortune after playing one of the National Lottery’s online scratchcards. The man’s game of choice, £20 Million Cash Spectacular, offers players the chance to win huge sums of money for just £5 per play and boasts overall win odds of just 1 in 2.86.

Carter then found himself dashing off to Somerset in order to meet EuroMillions winner Mr. L. The lucky player correctly matched five numbers and one Lucky Star in the draw on Tuesday 19th September to walk away with £110,762. After playing online, the ever-cheerful Carter praised the efforts of Mr. L and marvelling that he had netted his fortune without even touching a ticket. 

Now it’s Your Turn

If you would like to receive a call from Andy Carter, why not take part in one of the many online games on offer? Simply pick your numbers online or play through any authorised retailer. Good luck!

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