Dundee Pensioners Share £180,000 Postcode Lottery Prize

There were mass celebrations on one street in Dundee after six neighbours shared a People’s Postcode Lottery prize of £180,000. The lucky ticket holders, who all live on Caldrum Terrace, each received a £30,000 slice of the jackpot after their postcode, DD3 7HB, was selected at random as the winner of February’s draw.

Dundee Pensioners Share £180,000 Postcode Lottery Prize

For one of the winners, June Neil, the win could not have come on a more poignant time. Three years ago to the day, the 65-year-old suffered a stroke, so she was especially thankful for the well-timed windfall: “It’s nice to have something positive associated with the date,” Her husband Joe told reporters. Fortuitously, June, who has also been successful in a battle against cancer, played two tickets, meaning that she landed a prize of £60,000. Joe announced that the pair would be using the money to redecorate their home, before adding: “Our dog ruined the leather suite so we can replace that and maybe get some furniture to match.”  

Fellow Caldrum Terrace resident Ina Breen, who had recently celebrated her 81st birthday, was in a state of shock following the result of the draw: “I’ve never had so much money in my life,” the delighted octogenarian announced. Ina, who has vowed to share her winnings with her two sons, signed up to the Postcode Lottery in order to support the numerous charities the game donates money towards.    

Further down the terrace, Nancy Chmielewska was another player to benefit from the street’s good fortune. The 75-year-old revealed that she was “thrilled” when news of the win was revealed, having only started playing the Postcode Lottery earlier in the year. “I have two grandchildren and six great-grandchildren so it will be going on them," the lucky Dundonian exclaimed, when quizzed on how she planned to spend the money. “I’ve also always wanted to visit Poland as that’s where my father-in-law was from. I’ve decided to go in September with my friend.”

The winners were fortunate enough to be presented with their winnings by People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador and former X Factor finalist Danyl Johnson. Winning ticket holder Nancy was particularly taken with the singer’s appearance: “We had a really great time and we were dancing in the street with Danyl. It was fantastic,” before adding: “I had so much fun with the team from People’s Postcode Lottery — I’m still on a high.” Danyl seemed equally as taken with the trio of pensioners: “I had such a great time meeting the three ladies in Dundee. I hope they all enjoy spending their winnings.”

The Postcode Lottery, which donates 30 percent of its proceeds to charity, has raised over £175.5 million for good causes and costs just £10 a month to play. Could you be celebrating with your neighbours following a big win?

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