Dream Comes True For Lotto 6/49 Player

A Canadian woman who ‘dreamt up’ a set of lottery numbers almost 30 years ago has been rewarded for keeping the faith after winning CA$5.3 million on Lotto 6/49, and now plans to treat her family after they helped her to survive cancer.

Dream Comes True For Lotto 6/49 Player

Olga Beno, from Eastern Passage in Nova Scotia, has regularly been playing the same numbers since 1989 and on Wednesday 28th December she was one of two players to land a share of the CA$10.7 million jackpot, although it took a while for the news to sink in.

“I know my numbers by heart, and I thought I saw them on the television screen the evening after the draw, but my eyes aren’t good, so I forgot about it,” Olga told Atlantic Lottery officials, saying that even when she saw the numbers again in the newspaper the next morning she thought it was a mistake.

Having eventually realised her good fortune, Olga can now look forward to a happy future. She had to sell her house and start renting ten years ago when she found out she had Stage Four cancer, but will now be able to build an accessible ranch-style house that is perfect for her.

She also plans to repay the kindness of her husband, children and grandchildren with a big family trip to Disney World. She said: “I’m a big kid at heart.”

Lotto 6/49 has not been won since 28th December and the jackpot now stands at CA$9 million ahead of the next draw on Saturday night, giving more players the chance to make their dreams come true.

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