Couple Finally Able to Enjoy Honeymoon after Millionaire Maker Win

David and Sam Mackie of Basingstoke, Hampshire are finally able to plan their honeymoon, two and a half years late, after landing £1 million and a dream holiday in the first EuroMillions Mega Friday Millionaire Maker draw. The couple have two young children and mum Sam has only ever flown to Leeds, so they will have to apply for passports before jetting off to the luxurious Makepeace Island in Australia as part of their prize.

Couple Finally Able to Enjoy Honeymoon after Millionaire Maker Win

Originally, the Mackies had intended to visit Las Vegas after their wedding but were unable to save enough money whilst providing for a young family, and they would have missed out on this trip too had it not been for a stroke of luck. The first ever EuroMillions Mega Friday draw, where the Millionaire Maker award of £1 million is supplemented by a five star non-cash prize, took place on Friday 31st October and, that evening, David opened his computer to find it displaying the National Lottery website. Although Sam is normally in charge of purchasing EuroMillions tickets, he bought one on impulse.

The next morning, after receiving an email informing him that he’d won something, he joked with Sam that he was going to check his £3 before returning, shaking, to share the good news. The Mackies owned one of 25 tickets for that draw which won their owners the cash and the idyllic getaway, which includes business class flights, a personal chef and pampering treatments. For a list of the winning Millionaire Maker codes from Friday 31st October, visit the Results page of

The next EuroMillions Mega Friday draw is scheduled for Friday 28th November, when there will be ten Millionaire Maker winners, each receiving £1 million and a trip of a lifetime to Australia, Brazil or Peru.

Your next chance to play EuroMillions is on Tuesday 11th November, with players vying for a jackpot of £11 million (€15 million). Tickets can be bought online or from authorised retailers.

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