Could You Miss Out on a Lotto Fortune?

A Lotto player who bought their ticket for the draw on Saturday 2nd August in Glasgow is in danger of missing out on a £70,482 windfall, with the deadline for claiming the prize rapidly approaching. The ticket holder’s selection matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball in the draw, but they are yet to come forward and will need to begin the claims process before the cut-off point on Thursday 29th January.

Could You Miss Out on a Lotto Fortune?

Under the rules of Lotto, any prize which remains unclaimed 180 days after the winning draw is transferred to the Good Causes Fund, along with the interest that it has accrued over the six month period. To see a list of the current outstanding UK Lotto and UK EuroMillions awards, visit the Unclaimed Lottery Prizes section of

The ticket was sold on the penultimate day of the 2014 Commonwealth Games somewhere in the host city, meaning that the winner might be a Glaswegian but could also have been a visitor from elsewhere in the UK or even overseas, staying in Scotland for the event. Maybe you bought the ticket on the way to watch the powerlifting finals or the semi-finals of the men’s and women’s table tennis tournaments, which both took place on that day.

If this rings a bell then make sure you check the pockets of every coat, hoodie or pair of jeans that you own, delve into the depths of your handbag or flick through the old receipts in your wallet. You could be the owner of a ticket which will obliterate the financial pressures of January as soon as it is cashed in!

One way to avoid losing or damaging potentially money-spinning Lotto tickets is to buy them online. Virtual entries cannot be misplaced and will always be associated with you, meaning that any prize which they win will not go unclaimed.

If you have old lottery tickets which have not yet been checked yet, visit the Lottery Results section of and discover today whether you are due a huge payout!

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