Could You Be about to Miss out on a Big Lotto Prize?

A Lotto player who bought their ticket in Worcestershire for the draw on Wednesday 17th September 2014 has less than a week to claim their £51,678 prize or they will miss out. The ticket holder matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball in the draw, but has yet to come forward to lottery officials as the 180 day claim deadline looms closer.

Could You Be about to Miss out on a Big Lotto Prize?

The winning ticket was purchased in the Wychavon district of the county, which includes towns such as Droitwich Spa, Pershore and Evesham, and lottery bosses are keen to encourage anyone in the area, or who might have been visiting in the late summer, to search their old clothes, wallets, purses and cars in order to track down the lucrative lottery entry.

The district lies between the popular tourist destinations of Stratford-upon-Avon and Worcester, not far from the stunning Malvern Hills, so there is every chance that the ticket is in the possession of someone who was holidaying in the region. If you travelled to the area in September, perhaps to catch a Shakespeare play by the RSC, for some hill-walking or even to indulge your love of Worcestershire sauce - make sure you root through every pocket of your suitcases!

UK Lotto prizes that remain unclaimed after 180 days are returned to the lottery, with any interest accrued, to be distributed among the many good causes supported by the game. It is advisable to visit the Lotto Checker on after the draw has been made to discover if any physical tickets that you buy have won you a prize.

An Irish Lottery player recently missed out on a €2.9 million prize after failing to present their ticket within the allotted 90 days allowed in that country and, on a happier note, a Lotto Max ticket holder in Canada claimed their massive CA$50 million windfall this week, with less than a week to go before the one year cut-off time!

If you play Lotto online, you will receive an email informing you of any prize that you are due, meaning that you will never miss out on a huge cash win.

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