Could SuperEnalotto Reach a Year of Rollovers?

Italy’s SuperEnalotto offers a jackpot of €107.9 million tonight and, if it is not won, Saturday’s draw will mark a year to the day since the last time a player claimed the top prize. Thursday 16th July 2015 saw a player from Acireale in Catania bank €21.8 million for matching all six main numbers, a feat that has not been emulated in the 155 draws that have taken place since.

Despite the lack of a jackpot winner, there have been some notable wins since July 2015, with a Sicilian player picking up €2.4 million for matching five main numbers and the SuperStar on the 2nd of April and a ticket holder from Palestrina near Rome receiving €3.5 million for winning in the same prize tier on 7th June. However, the whole of Italy is waiting with bated breath to see who will bank what is currently the fourth-largest jackpot in the game’s history.

SuperEnalotto’s record jackpot payout so far came on 30th October 2010, when a syndicate of players across Italy won €177.7 million. The previous largest jackpot of €147.8 million, pocketed by a player from Bagnone in Tuscany on 22nd August 2009 is in second place, ahead of the €139 million shared by ticket holders from Parma and Pistoia, near Florence, on 9th February 2010.

To play SuperEnalotto, you must pick six numbers from a choice of 90, winning prizes for matching anything from two main numbers upwards. The Jolly works like the Bonus Ball in UK Lotto, boosting the prize value won for anyone who matches it with five main balls. Ticket holders can also add SuperStar to their entry for an additional fee, picking one number from 90 that, when matched, offers extra prize tiers and significantly increases the value of all other awards. See the SuperEnalotto page for more information on how the game works.

If you think you can halt the run of rollovers before the game hits its anniversary, you can buy SuperEnalotto tickets online wherever you live in the world thanks to online lottery concierge services. In addition, they are available from authorised retailers across Italy. Good luck!

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