Cornish Marathon Running Syndicate Wins £1 Million EuroMillions Prize

A syndicate of Cornish marathon runners is £1 million richer after racing to a UK Millionaire Maker win. Members of the Mount’s Bay Harriers entered the draw on Friday 14th October and successfully matched the winning code VJBX86876 to claim the seven-figure windfall.

Cornish Marathon Running Syndicate Wins £1 Million EuroMillions Prize

The Penzance-based collective, who were all set to jet off to Amsterdam, were convinced to buy tickets for the draw by the group’s leader, Nicky Morse. Morse, a 58-year-old painter and decorator, explained to his fellow runners about ‘feelings’ he had been having and was adamant that they should enter. “I do seem to have a bit of a magic touch. I’m not a regular gambler but every now and then, I feel lucky and I’ll be drawn to bet on something and I always win,” Morse told National Lottery officials.

Well aware of their teammate’s almost supernatural ability to foresee success, the syndicate wasted no time in purchasing 13 EuroMillions tickets from the Exeter Airport branch of WH Smith. “Over the years I've learned to take these feelings as they come and put my positive mindset to good use,” Morse explained. Once the group were laden with playslips, they put the upcoming draw to the back of their minds and headed for the continent.

Upon their return, the syndicate eagerly checked their tickets against the numbers that had appeared in the main draw. Unfortunately, it seemed as though Morse’s ‘feelings’ had let him down, prompting his fellow Harriers to playfully tease him about losing his touch. However, the group’s leader wasn’t ready to give up so easily and returned home to double check the tickets alongside his wife, Jackie. It was here that Morse discovered the syndicate had failed to properly examine the UK Millionaire Maker codes printed on the bottom of each ticket.

Morse’s premonition had paid off and the Harriers were in possession of a ticket worth £1 million. Doubting their friend’s initial phone call regarding the win, a syndicate meeting was called in which Morse reassured everyone that they were each £76,923 better off. “There were a lot of tears and disbelief when I broke the news,” Morse said. “Certainly no one slept that night.”

The syndicate, whose ages range from 40 to 60, are now planning on how the money will be spent: “Everyone will be doing something different with their share. Some are going to pay off their mortgages, there are a few holidays being booked and I’m planning some home improvements,” Morse joyfully revealed. “We are all hoping to get together for a meal and a few drinks to celebrate our good fortune soon."

If you would like to win a EuroMillions prize of your own, tickets for tonight’s draw, in which a £33 million jackpot is waiting to be won, are available to purchase online and from authorised retailers in participating countries. And for those playing in the UK, don’t forget to check your Millionaire Maker code for two additional chances to win a huge prize. Good luck!

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