Combined R171 Million Up For Grabs in South Africa PowerBall

With one of the biggest South Africa PowerBall jackpots in history up for grabs alongside an ever-increasing PowerBall Plus top prize, the upcoming draws on Tuesday 29th January combine for R171 million. Find out more below, and how you can be in with a chance of winning.

Combined R171 Million Up For Grabs in South Africa PowerBall

PowerBall Jackpot worth R124 Million

South Africa Powerball hasn’t been won since 23rd November of last year when a single ticket holder won R7.5 million. The incredible run of 18 successive rollovers was almost brought to an end in the most recent draw, on Friday 25th January, when three tickets matched all five main numbers to take home just over R288,000 each. The jackpot eluded them after they failed to match the Powerball, however, and players can now look forward to another chance of landing a nine-figure windfall.

The biggest jackpot won in PowerBall history was worth R145 million, claimed by a 34-year-old engineer in August 2018. The single ticket holder from Secunda, Mpumalanga, decided to remain anonymous after collecting his windfall, and the upcoming draw for R124 million could eclipse the record if it rolls over again.

There is no jackpot cap in place for the lottery, so it will continue rolling over until it has been won. The odds of winning PowerBall’s top prize are slightly over 1 in 42 million, whilst the overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 18. Prizes begin from matching just the PowerBall number, so there are plenty of ways to win a prize even if it isn’t the jackpot.

When the jackpot is won, the winner will have to decide between going public and remaining anonymous. This decision is something all big lottery winners have to make in South Africa, including a Cape Town security guard who decided to keep his identity private after winning R64 million in a PowerBall draw last August.

PowerBall Plus, a supplementary game to the main PowerBall draw, also has a big jackpot on offer for its players, with R47 million to be won on Tuesday 29th January. It can be entered for an extra R2.50, and the jackpot has been rolling over since R38 million was claimed on 27th November by a single ticket holder. Make sure you don’t miss out now by picking your numbers from any licensed retailer in South Africa, or playing online from various locations around the world.

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