Colorado Man Wins Two $1 Million Powerball Prizes on Same Day

A man from Pueblo in Colorado had double cause for celebration when he checked his Powerball numbers for a recent draw, discovering that he had won two prizes worth $1 million on the same day.

Colorado Man Wins Two $1 Million Powerball Prizes on Same Day

The lucky winner, known only as Joe B, likes to choose his own numbers and also play a few Quick Picks. He bought several lines for the Powerball draw on Wednesday 25th March from the 7-Eleven on 926 Lake Ave, then later in the day he bought a few more from Loaf N' Jug on 2050 Lake Ave.

One of the lines he had picked for himself matched up exactly with that night’s winning main numbers - 5, 9, 27, 39 and 42 – only missing out on the Powerball of 16. Luckily, he had played the same line twice so he could come forward to claim $2 million.

He waited a month to stake his claim, making his way to the drive-thru window that the Colorado Lottery had set up to help players due to the coronavirus crisis.

“Can you believe what amazing luck,” said the Colorado Lottery in a press statement to announce the news. Joe’s last name and his age were not released, but it did emerge that he may not be spending all the money himself.

Asked by the claims staff what he and his wife planned to do with his winnings, Joe replied: “The boss has plans for it.”

The drive-thru window set up by the Colorado Lottery is just one example of how state lotteries have had to adapt during the Covid-19 outbreak. The majority of state lotteries have either closed their claim offices or reduced their opening hours to combat the spread of the virus.

Powerball sales have plummeted over the last couple of months and organisers had to update the game’s jackpot rules to ensure that draws could continue. The minimum jackpot of $40 million has therefore had to be scrapped, with the top prize currently based on ticket sales and interest rates.

The jackpot is currently worth $51 million following a rollover in the latest draw. It was most recently won by a player from New Jersey on 8th April, who landed $190 million.

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