Claims Made for Irish Lotto and UK Lotto Jackpots

The lottery winners’ club has welcomed two new members into its fold, after claims were made for an £18.1 million UK Lotto prize and an Irish Lotto jackpot of €5.8 million within the space of just a few hours.

Claims Made for Irish Lotto and UK Lotto Jackpots

UK Lotto Claim

The celebrations started on Tuesday when a mystery player emerged to claim an £18.1 million UK Lotto jackpot. National Lottery officials were unable to confirm whether the winning ticket belonged to single player or a larger syndicate, however, that didn’t stop the company’s senior winners’ advisor, Andy Carter, from packing on the praise. Speaking to reporters, Carter said: “We look forward to helping this ticket holder settle into their new lifestyle. I’ll ensure we have a glass of ice cold champagne ready to toast their win.”

The latest UK Lotto winner, who matched the numbers 1, 20, 24, 36, 54 and 58 in the draw on Saturday 18th November, is one of 19 players to land a jackpot prize in 2017, a figure that has certainly had lottery fans falling even more in love with a game that offers both plenty of fun and favourable odds. “It’s been an amazing year for Lotto players with numerous giant jackpots won,” added Carter.      

Irish Lotto Claim 

The second claim came just hours later, when an Irish Lotto player contacted lottery officials in Dublin to arrange collection of a €5.8 million prize. The winning ticket holder, whose identity remains unknown, purchased their ticket from the General Post Office on Cecil Street in Limerick ahead of the draw on Saturday 25th November. The winning numbers were 4, 16, 18, 24, 32 and 35.

In an interview with the Limerick Leader, a spokeswoman for the National Lottery said: “It’s great to have someone coming forward, and as well, with Christmas just around the corner”. This came just days after Roger McMahon, the post office’s branch manager, told the same publication that he was “delighted”, before adding: “It is an absolutely great win for Limerick.”

Could You Be Next?

If you would like to be the next player to claim a huge lottery prize, why not test your luck in tonight’s draws? Both games are offering unbelievable jackpots, so head online to pick your numbers and don’t miss out! Good luck!

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