Christmas Eve Lotto Raffle to Make 500 Winners

The Lotto draw on Christmas Eve will feature a very special edition of Lotto Raffle in which 500 ticket holders each winning £20,000 on one night. Anyone who buys a Lotto ticket for the draw on Wednesday 24th December 2014 will instantly be entered into the additional game, which usually distributes 50 prizes, giving them a great chance of kicking off the seasonal festivities early!

Christmas Eve Lotto Raffle to Make 500 Winners

On Saturday November 22nd, the rules changed to maintain a flat rate of 50 Lotto Raffle prizes per draw, rather than them increasing with each rollover as had previously been the case. Lotto officials explained that this was to allow the game to hold bigger and more exciting one-off events, such as the Lotto Raffle draw on the same day which made millionaires of 20 ticket holders.

The Christmas Eve draw will be the next special occasion on the National Lottery’s calendar and many more are promised, so keep an eye on the news pages for information on these events as soon as they are announced.

Lotto Raffle returns on Saturday night with 50 prizes of £20,000 to give away alongside a gigantic triple rollover Lotto jackpot of £11.2 million which would really sort out your Christmas. Imagine unwrapping keys to a sprawling mansion and shiny new sports car this year, rather than socks and cheap aftershave - the dream could be a reality if you buy your Lotto tickets before 7:30pm on Saturday! Good luck.

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