Chinese Man Lands Almost 100 Million Yuan After Playing Shanghai Welfare Lottery

A Chinese man is 97.278 million yuan (US$14.8 million) richer after landing the jackpot prize in the Shanghai Welfare Lottery 15 times. The winner, who has been an avid lottery fan for more than 20 years, scooped his prize by picking the same numbers on 15 tickets and even landed the second prize totalling almost 10 million yuan.

The lucky ticket holder, who was described as a “senior Shanghainese man,” purchased his tickets in Huangpu and arrived at the Shanghai Welfare Lottery Center on Thursday to collect his prize. He informed officials that he came to realise he was a winner after double-checking the winning numbers after Tuesday’s draw, news that resulted in so much excitement coursing through the man’s body, he was unable to sleep until 2am.

A statement issued by Shanghai Welfare Lottery revealed: “The winner is very experienced and he studies the winning numbers of lottery tickets and lottery charts.” The center also divulged that the man rarely plays the same numbers and instead relies on random selections of digits when playing the lottery.

The man, who received 77.2 million yuan after taxes, now plans to use his vast fortune to improve the lives of those most in need. True to his word, the victor plans to donate 1 million yuan to the Shanghai Foundation for Mutual & Aiding Needy Assistance.

Despite landing such a life-changing sum, the man hoped that his newfound wealth would not affect his offspring’s desire to work, however, he did state that the financial future of his family was now secure. The man also declined the opportunity to meet the media, claiming that he did not want his life to change.

Thanks to his multiple ticket purchases, the man instantly became the winner of the lottery’s biggest prize since 2011, narrowly missing out on toppling a player who won 259 million yuan after spending 200 yuan on tickets.

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