Bus Driver Claims £6.1 Million UK Lotto Jackpot

A bus driver from Crewe has become the latest player to claim a multimillion-pound UK Lotto jackpot. Kevin Jones secured the £6.1 million top prize after successfully matching all six main numbers in the draw on Wednesday 18th May to become the ninth winner of the top prize this year.

Bus Driver Claims £6.1 Million UK Lotto Jackpot

Mr Jones discovered he and his wife Michele had won the remarkable sum while stuck in traffic on his regular morning bus route. The 57-year-old was forced to ask his manager for the afternoon off as he feared for the safety of his passengers, with his mind understandably on other matters. The shock of this win still seems to be sinking in for the D&G driver: "This all just doesn't seem real. I cannot believe we have had this luck and won this incredible amount of money,” the grandfather told reporters at a National Lottery press conference.  

The couple’s lucrative win ends a spate of bad luck which saw their Spanish home burgled twice in the space of three days in 2014. The pair claim they “lost everything”, leaving Mr Jones to work 12-hour days to make ends meet: "Michele was so frightened we just drove back to England straight away and had to start all over again.” However, Mrs Jones, a teaching assistant, clearly never lost her positive outlook on life, maintaining a philosophical view on the unfortunate events abroad: "I think bad luck happens to everybody and it was our time to have bad luck, but it meant we moved back to England and we clearly moved back for a reason,” she explained.   

Mr and Mrs Jones are now looking forward to enjoying retirement and assured reporters that they would be using the money wisely: "We already loved the life we had and were so respectful of what we had but this will let us spend more quality time with our family and have the things we really need most - love and laughter." The couple plan on looking after their two adult children and spoiling their five-year-old grandson, Joshua. Mr Jones also plans on treating himself to an Everton season ticket: “Living life to the full really does start now,” the Toffees fan exclaimed.

This Saturday’s top prize is estimated to be worth an incredible £9.6 million, so if you’d like to keep up with the Joneses, tickets can be purchased online or from any authorised retailer throughout the UK. Best of luck!

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