British Legion Syndicate Claims UK Lotto Jackpot of £3.5 Million

A lucky UK Lotto syndicate are celebrating their big win after scooping £3.5 million in last Saturday’s draw. The four-strong syndicate consists of Barry Jackson, Brendan O’Rourke, Peter Lloyd and Dennis Speers who all met over 20 years ago at the Slough branch of the British Legion. There were no other jackpot winning tickets in Saturday’s UK Lotto draw and so the syndicate scooped the entire top tier prize, leading to a win of £893,634 each.

British Legion Syndicate Claims UK Lotto Jackpot of £3.5 Million

Syndicate leader Barry, 58, was the first to discover the big win after checking the UK Lotto numbers on Sunday morning. Although Barry is the syndicate leader, it was fellow member Brendan, 44, who was actually in possession of the winning ticket so Barry phoned him to ask him where the ticket was. Brendan, who always keeps lottery tickets safe in his fruit bowl, double-checked the numbers and confirmed the win.

Barry was then straight on the phone to the remaining syndicate members. However, before he could get the good news out, Peter, who is Chairman of the British Legion branch in Slough, gave him a hard time for missing a previous meeting!

The syndicate are understandably overjoyed with their win and have already decided on what they will do with the money. Barry’s first priority is his family, after which he plans to buy himself a new car. Holidays are on the cards for the remaining members with Dennis, 70, planning to visit his brother in Hawaii while Brendan plans to take his family to Spain. Peter, meanwhile, has his sights set further afield and plans to visit his niece in Auckland, New Zealand. would like to congratulate this syndicate and wish them all the best for the future.

Written by Grace Mee

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