Biggest UK Lotto Jackpot in Four Years Won on Single Ticket

The biggest UK Lotto jackpot in more than four years was snapped up on Wednesday 11th November by a single ticket holder who will bank £15.7 million when they present their entry to lottery officials. The eight-figure bounty was the result of four rollovers, which saw the top prize soar to an amount not seen since a player scooped £17.7 million on Wednesday 9th March 2011.

Biggest UK Lotto Jackpot in Four Years Won on Single Ticket

The UK Lotto results were 2, 17, 27, 28, 51 and 52 with Bonus Ball 14 and another lucky player picked up £1 million on Lotto Millionaire Raffle. In addition, 20 ticket holders are now £20,000 richer after matching the second tier Lotto Millionaire Raffle codes and other prizes distributed in the main game ranged from a Lotto Lucky Dip for matching two main numbers to £1,503 for matching five main balls.

When ten more numbers were added to the game, before the draw on Saturday 10th October, Lotto bosses insisted the changes would produce bigger jackpots and that promise seems to be coming to fruition. All six numbers have been matched on three occasions since the overhaul came into effect, with two of the prizes won being worth more than £14 million.

The big jackpots keep on coming this week, with EuroMillions hitting £91 million (€129 million) following two rollovers since last Friday’s Superdraw. This year’s previous Superdraw, on Friday 5th June, also rolled twice before being won by a UK ticket holder who boosted their bank account by £93.3 million (€129.2 million at the time, due to exchange rates).

Lottery fans across Europe are picking up EuroMillions tickets in eager anticipation of Friday’s massive jackpot, dreaming of escaping the incoming winter on a tropical beach somewhere. You can get hold of your entries online and from authorised retailers up until 7:30pm GMT (8:30pm CET) on the day of the draw.

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