Belgian EuroMillions Winner Claims €153.8 Million Prize

A Belgian player has described his EuroMillions success as ‘amazing’ and ‘surreal’ after coming forward to collect the €153.8 million jackpot he won earlier this month. The lucky man ended a run of 14 rollovers on Friday 2nd June to become the biggest winner of 2017, and has wasted little time in claiming the money.

Belgian EuroMillions Winner Claims €153.8 Million Prize

He spent just €7.50 on three Quick Picks for the eagerly-awaited draw, and one of his lines matched the winning numbers of 8, 10, 24, 33 and 42, as well as the Lucky Stars 3 and 9. The extraordinary result puts him eighth in the list of the largest EuroMillions winners of all time, while there has only ever been one larger prize given away in Belgium.

The winner, a married Flemish man, has told Belgian lottery officials that he is a sports fan who particularly likes to cycle and walk, while he is also interested in DIY. His favourite film is Any Given Sunday, starring Al Pacino, he is also a fan of the comedian Philippe Geubels and likes the traditional Flemish dish of stew with fries.

He plans to give his children some of the money and make a charitable donation, before buying a new car, going on holiday and working on some home renovations. Asked if he had a message for other EuroMillions players, he said: “Happiness is really where you least expect it.”

The EuroMillions jackpot has rolled over three times since the lucky Belgian won his gargantuan jackpot, and now stands at £44 million (€50 million) ahead of Friday’s draw. Fans of the game can try to get their hands on the latest huge prize by picking numbers online or visiting authorised retailers in any of the nine participating countries.

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