Australian Powerball Jackpot Hits AU$70 Million for Thursday

The Australian Powerball jackpot has climbed to its highest amount of the year ahead of Thursday night’s draw, giving ticket holders the opportunity to snap up an incredible AU$70 million. If there is just one player who matches all six main numbers plus the Powerball, they could become the biggest single winner of a First Division prize in Australian lottery history.

Australian Powerball Jackpot Hits AU$70 Million for Thursday

The record for a Powerball jackpot (sometimes called a First Division prize) stands at AU$80 million, which was split between two lucky participants back in 2009. The top prize could climb to a new high if it is not won this week, and there is sure to be a surge in tickets across Australia and around the world as lottery fans go hunting for an astronomical sum of money.

The Powerball jackpot has been rolling over since AU$6 million was won by a single ticket holder on 24th September, and it is the first time this year the prize has gone past AU$50 million. The Perth family who scooped AU$50 million on 23rd July decided to remain anonymous but did vow to donate some money to charity, as well as ‘pay off debt, take care of our family and do some much needed home renovations’.

As well as this week’s magnificent Powerball jackpot, there is a top prize of AU$35 million up for grabs on Oz Lotto following a run of five rollovers and anticipation is building as players sense the opportunity to win big throughout the week.

Ally Harris, the owner of Crossways News and Lotteries, which was the last store to sell a winning First Division ticket, told the West Australian: “The $6 million win was the first Division One ticket we’ve sold in the five years of having this store and there’s no reason we can’t do it again. I’ve got a good feeling.”

Tickets for Australian Powerball and Oz Lotto are available online, wherever you are in the world, and in person from authorised retailers in Australia.


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