Australian Man Almost Throws Away Winning Saturday Lotto Ticket

An Australian man is breathing a huge sigh of relief after almost throwing away a winning lottery ticket worth $669,308. The player, from the city of Albany in Western Australia, was one of six players to match the numbers 15, 17, 18, 24, 42 and 45 in the Saturday Lotto draw on the 27th May, but was unaware of his success after checking the wrong numbers.

Australian Man Almost Throws Away Winning Saturday Lotto Ticket

The man purchased the winning entry from Albany Lottery News and Gifts ahead of last month’s draw, but was seconds from disposing of the playslip: “I was ready to throw the ticket out but thankfully my wife decided to recheck it,” he recalled. Luckily, his spouse’s cautious approach paid off as the family realised that they had been checking the numbers from a previous draw.

Much to their delight, the ticket had in fact landed the fortuitous family a six-figure Division One prize. Speaking to lottery officials, the man said: “Let me tell you – once we realised we’d won it was a bloody long drive from Albany.” The family, who consider themselves extremely fortunate, are living proof that it is vital for players to double check their lottery tickets before consigning them to the bin.

The husband and wife now plan to use their newfound windfall to purchase a much-needed family home, but not before they treat themselves to a little getaway: “We might take a holiday because, let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger,” the man joshed.

Pina Compagnone, a spokeswoman for Lotterywest, was quick to congratulate the family, before explaining that Lotto luck had ‘well and truly taken up residence in regional Western Australia’ after a ticket holder from Northam had also secured a big win: "This weekend Northam Central Newsagency sold a Saturday Lotto winning ticket worth more than $1.3 million.”

Of course, you don’t have to live in Western Australia to get your hands on a huge lottery prize. You can pick your numbers online for a range of big money games, including Australia Powerball, Oz Lotto and Saturday Lotto, or play through any authorised retailer. There is a Saturday Lotto Superdraw this week, with an amazing $21 million on offer. Good luck!

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