Australian Lotteries Boost Tatts Group Profits

Australian gambling firm Tatts Group announced this week that its lottery division had been the main driver behind a notable increase in revenue and profit. Net profits for the business hit AU$252 million for the year to 30th June, a 25.7 percent boost on the previous year’s results.

Australian Lotteries Boost Tatts Group Profits

While revenue increased by 1.8 percent for the company as a whole, lottery takings rose by 2.8 percent, more than compensating for a disappointing performance by Tatts’ high street betting shop business. Bricks-and-mortar bookmaker sales fell by 2.3 percent during the last year, although there was strong growth in digital gambling.

Tatts runs popular draw games such as Saturday Lotto and Australia Powerball, and the strong showing by the firm’s lottery arm is all the more impressive considering it comes after a year in which Division One prize pools had been lower than usual. A growth of 20.9 percent in online lottery sales certainly helped the figures, with digital play now accounting for 11 percent of all lottery purchases.

Tatts has reason to feel confident when looking forward to the figures for the current financial year after offering eight top prizes worth more than AU$15 million already, a marked increase on the five in the same period 12 months ago. The launch of the new daily game Set for Life, in which the top prize is AU$20,000 a month for twenty years, should also help fill the company’s coffers.

If you fancy playing Australian lottery games, Australian Powerball has a AU$3 million jackpot tonight, with AU$4 million on offer in this week’s Saturday Lotto draw too. You can buy tickets online or from authorised retailers across Australia.

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