Are You Ready for March’s Mega Friday?

EuroMillions fans across the UK and the Isle of Man are starting their engines and queuing up at the start line for this month’s Mega Friday, in which ten players will win £1 million and the car of their dreams.

Are You Ready for March’s Mega Friday?

If you match one of the winning Millionaire Maker codes drawn on the night, you’ll not only pick up a tidy windfall - you’ll get your choice of one of several luxury cars. As the weather warms up, the days get longer and thoughts turn to holidays, travel and long days out, the idea of taking a long ride in a convertible BMW M6 is impossibly tantalising. Depending on your age, you’ll have a wide variety of options open to you. Fancy an Aston Martin? If you’re over 25, there are two up for grabs. Die-hard Audi lover? If you’re between 17 and 21, you can drive to the bank in an Audi S5. Other cars available include a Jaguar F-Type V8, a Porsche Cayenne Hybrid, an Alpha Romeo 4c and a Range Rover Autobiography.

You won’t have to worry about road tax and insurance for a while either - Mega Friday has you covered for the first year so that you can forget all about typing your number plate into a comparison website. If you’re between the ages of 17 and 24, your premium will be covered up to the value of £30,000, while any winner 25 or older will be entitled to £20,000 for comprehensive coverage. If your car and all the trappings don't exceed the sum of £150,000 then the rest will be refunded to you - think of all the air fresheners you could buy with that excess!

Mega Friday has been going strong since October of last year, and if ticket sales are any indicator, the special game enjoys considerable popularity. In February, players had the chance to win a cool £1 million as well as an unforgettable, diamond-studded holiday to South Africa. Ticket sales for that draw topped an incredible €80.8 million (£58.6 million at the time of the draw), and while that number includes players from across participating countries, the UK provided a massive boost to that total thanks to the keen interest in Mega Friday.

If you’re really revved up at the thought of a new set of wheels and a seven-figure payout, then you can buy tickets for Mega Friday now, as well as entries for this evening’s EuroMillions game, which features a £38 million (€52 million) jackpot. Those potentially fruitful lines are up for grabs from authorised retailers across the country or online in an instant - just make sure that you’ve completed your purchases before 7.30pm on draw nights. Good luck and have fun.

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