Are You About to Miss Out on a EuroMillions Windfall?

One EuroMillions ticket holder could be about to miss out on more than £50,000 having so far failed to claim a prize from the draw on Friday 28th March this year. The player, who bought their ticket in South Gloucestershire, has until 11pm on Wednesday to contact lottery bosses or the cash, along with any interest it has accrued, will be allocated to the National Lottery’s Good Causes Fund.

Are You About to Miss Out on a EuroMillions Windfall?

The elusive ticket holder matched five main numbers in the draw to potentially net themselves £51,232 but is yet to come forward, risking missing out on paying off a giant chunk of their mortgage, swapping their motor for something top-of-the-range or jetting off for some tropical winter sun.

EuroMillions fans from Thornbury to Chipping Sodbury will be frantically searching down the back of sofas and digging out their spring wardrobe to root through the pockets, desperately hoping to find that all-important slip of paper before the deadline passes. The Unclaimed Prizes page of has a list of all tickets that are about to expire, details on how to avoid missing out on a cash windfall and horror stories of prizes that were lost forever!

If you fancy netting yourself a win that you will remember to claim, tickets are now on sale for tomorrow night’s EuroMillions draw, which features an estimated jackpot of £11 million and Wednesday’s Lotto, which has a top prize of £2.1 million. You can buy them online or, providing you have decided on a safe place to stash your ticket, from authorised retailers. Good luck!

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