Another Double Jackpot Win in UK Lotto

Two lucky players hit the jackpot in Saturday’s UK Lotto draw, making the jackpot the third in a row to be shared by two ticket holders. The fortunate pair both matched all six main numbers drawn to each win half of the £5,340,060 top prize.

Another Double Jackpot Win in UK Lotto

In addition to the top tier winners, 162 players came within just one number of hitting the jackpot. 160 of these matched five of the six main numbers to win £2,261 each while the other two matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to net a much bigger prize of £213,119 each.

In the next tier, 10,298 ticket holders matched four main numbers to win £185 each and, in the final tier, 213,861 players matched three main numbers to each win the set prize of £25. The additional Lotto Raffle saw 50 prizes worth £20,000 each given out to players who matched one of the winning codes.

The next UK Lotto draw takes place tomorrow and, as the jackpot was won on Saturday, will see players compete for a brand new top prize estimated at £2.2 million. Will UK players make it a fourth draw in a row with a double jackpot win? To find out, simply check the Results Page on shortly after the draw takes place.

Tickets for tomorrow’s UK Lotto draw can be purchased online or from an authorized retailer. However, if you can’t wait that long, the EuroMillions midweek draw takes place tonight and is boasting a £54 million (€66 million) jackpot. The top prize has not been won since Friday 2nd May when one lucky UK player won a £73 million fortune. Will you be the next to take home the jackpot?

Written by Grace Mee


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