American Lottery Players See Dollar Signs

Lottery players in the USA are getting doubly excited this week because both of the big multi-state games are advertising huge nine-figure multi-rollover jackpots. The Mega Millions game is the first to take place, and the jackpot for the Tuesday draw is worth a whopping $122 million. Then, regardless of whether or not anyone wins that, the Powerball game on Wednesday will give players the chance to win the even bigger sum of $284 million.

American Lottery Players See Dollar Signs

Winning a jackpot in either of the games just mentioned will obviously take a supersized slice of luck, but other players have succeeded in landing even bigger sums with just a single entry, so participants shouldn’t let the odds put them off. Those who want to increase their chances of winning can do so by purchasing more than one entry for the same draw, and the more entries a player buys, the better his or her overall odds will be.

With both Mega Millions and Powerball games being available in the majority of American states, many players will decide to get involved in both of the games in order to have a shot at both of the big jackpots. Whilst the chances of the same player landing the jackpot in both games are so small as to be ridiculous, it is perfectly feasible for a player to win a consolation prize in both games, so buying one ticket in each game would be just as sensible as buying two tickets in either one of the games.

Although American lottery players will be focused on the action taking place on their own doorstep over the next day or two, players outside the USA are just as likely to be focusing on the games taking place in Europe. This evening, the biggest prizes are going to be offered by the EuroMillions and SuperEnalotto games, where the jackpots are expected to be worth €15 million (around £12 million for UK players) and €10.4 million, respectively. 

Will any of the jackpots mentioned here be won by one or more players, or will they roll on to the next draws? Stay tuned and all will be revealed in due course. In the meantime, you can find more information about the American lottery games by visiting Lottery,net.

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