American Jackpots Continue to Climb

The jackpots in the two biggest lottery games in the USA continue to climb after no player managed to  prevent rollovers in the draws held last Friday and Saturday. The Mega Millions game this evening will give participants the chance to win a jackpot worth $400 million, and the top prize in the Powerball game tomorrow will be worth $80 million. Winning either of those sums would be a dream come true for lottery fans everywhere, so it is not surprising that retailers are reporting stronger than average demand for tickets in both games.

American Jackpots Continue to Climb

European lottery players have already seen a big jackpot landed in recent days, and the sole winner of the £107 million (€129 million) fortune on Friday is expected to go public at an officially organised press conference later today. As we said yesterday, this jackpot win is the fourth biggest in UK lottery history, but the sum is dwarfed by the amount of money on offer in tonight's Mega Millions game, and it will be interesting to see if the eventual Mega Millions winner also chooses to reveal their identity to the general public.

Many American lottery players will be participating in both of the multi-state games this week, and that makes a lot of sense. Getting involved in both games not only gives a player a chance to win both of the massive jackpots that are available, it also makes it possible for all of the lottery entries to win consolation prizes. Some of the consolation prizes in the Mega Millions and Powerball games are life-changing in their own right, so it is a virtual certainty that at least a handful of players will be living on Easy Street by the end of the week even if the jackpots roll again.

We will obviously be keeping a very close eye on developments in the American lottery games, but we also have plenty of activity in Europe to monitor as well. The EuroMillions game this evening will offer a brand new jackpot worth £12 million (€15 million) and the SuperEnalotto game in Italy is advertising a jackpot of €7.8 million. Check into our Lottery Results page and you can view the latest winning numbers just as soon as the draws have taken place.

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